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The first step for a beginner of piano learning is to identify the different notes of Piano. Remember almost every Piano or keyboard starts with white key ( C Note ) and there are a total of 12 notes in a Piano or Harmonium. According to western music theory, they are classified into two categories. The white keys of a Piano, Harmonium or Musical keyboard denotes as Natural Notes and Black keys are called Sharp or Natural Notes.

So what is the key next to the right of C called? This key is C sharp (C#). We can also call it D flat (Db) because it is one key to the left of D. The next black key is called D sharp (D#) or E flat (Eb). Then after that F sharp (F#) or G flat (Gb), next G sharp (G#) or A flat (Ab) and last one is A sharp (A#) or B flat (Bb). After this, the pattern keeps repeating. This set of 7 notes is called one octave and the same pattern repeats after B Note.

Piano Notations Chart

Natural Notes: A B C D E F G

Sharp Notes: C# D# F# G# A#

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