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Raag / Raga Bhairav is a Hindustani Classical Raga belongs to Bhairav Thaat so we can say that it’s defining raga of it’s thaat. It’s a sampoorna raga which means it contains all seven swar in aaroh and avaroh. This raga is performed at the beginning of concerts and practiced in the early morning. This raga can be sung in any season there are no season limitations in that.

AarohSa Re (k) Ga Ma Pa Dha (k) Ni Sa’
AvrohSa Ni Dha (k) Pa Ma Ga Re (k) Sa
PakadGa Ma Dha (k) Pa , Ga Ma Re (k) Sa
JatiSampoorna – Sampoorna
Vadi / SamvadiDha / Re
Time1st Prahar ( Early Morning
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