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Raag / Raga Bhairavi is a Hindustani Classical Raga belongs to Bhairavi Thaat so we can say that it’s defining raga of its own thaat. It’s a sampoorna raga which means it contains all seven swar in aaroh and avaroh. This raga is practiced at the time of sunrise (1st prahar of the day). The Komal swar in this raga are Re Ga Dha Ni and the rest are Shudha swar.

Aaroh Sa Re (k) Ga (k) Ma Pa Dha (k) Ni (k) Sa’
Avroh Sa’ Ni (k) Dha (k) Pa Ma Ga (k) Re (k) Sa
Pakad Ga (k) Ma Pa Dha (k) Pa Ma Ga (k) Re (k) Sa
Jati Sampoorna – Sampoorna
Vadi / Samvadi Ma / Sa
Thaat Bhairavi
Time Early Morning 1st Prahar ( During Sunrise )
Similar Raga Bilaskhani Todi

Some film songs based on this raga are as follows.

Some recommended Musical Instruments for Hindustani Classical Music Students and Practitioners are as follows.

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