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Raga Bhoopali or Bhoop is an Indian classical raga belongs to Kalyan Thaat and it is performed in evening.This raga is taught in the very beginning of Hindustani classical sangeet training.

Aaroh S-R-G-P-D-S’
Avroh S’-D-P-G-R-S
Pakad S-G-R-S-‘D-S-R-G
Jati Audav-Audav
Vadi / Samvadi Ga/Dha
Thaat Kalyan
Time Evening (6 pm – 9 pm)
Swar All Shudh Swar

Some songs based on this raga are as follows.

  • Dekha ek khwaab to ye silsile hue
  • Pankh hote to ur aati re, rasiya o baalama

There are many other songs based on this raga.This raga is widely used in Indian cinema music.

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