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Raga Bilawal is a Hindustani Classical Raga that belongs to Bilawal thaat so it’s defining raga of its thaat. Most of us learn this raga during the first year training of Indian Classical Music. This Raga contains all Shudh Swar so it is easy to learn.

Aaroh S-GR-GP-DN-S’
Avroh S’N-DP,DnDP,mG-mR-S
Pakad GPDnS’,S’NDnDP-mGmRS
Jati Shadav-Sampoorn
Vadi / Samvadi Dha/Ga
Thaat Bilawal
TimeMorning (9 am – 12 pm)
SwarAll Shudh Swar

Some of the songs based on this raga are as follows.

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