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Raga Desh is one of the popular melodious raga in Hindustani Classical Music belongs to Khamaj Thaat. This raga is performed in evening and there are many songs composed in this Raga including ” Vande Matram ” by A.R.Rahman. Let’s have a look on the other details of this Raga.

Aaroh S-R-m-P-N-S’
Avroh S’-n-D-P-m-G-R-G-‘N-S
Pakad R-m-P, n-D-P, D-m-G-R, G-‘N- S
Jati Audav-Sampoorn
Vadi / Samvadi Re/Pa
Thaat Khamaj
Time Evening ( 6PM-9PM)
Swar Komal Ni in Avroh

Some popular songs based on Raga Desh are as follows.

  • Vande Matram ( A R Rahman )
  • Om Jai Jagdish Hare Aarti

Apart from this there is a huge list of songs based on this raga , once you learn this raga , you will start recognizing them.Hope you are enjoying reading this blog , Please subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates.

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